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Fly Fishing Yucatan with Rio Lagartos Adventures

Fly fishing with Diego Nuñez

All Tarpon are caught and released when fly fishing with Diego Nuñez in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan.

The season for the big Tarpon here is the end of May through September.

The Tarpon return here every year in mid May to the warm food rich waters.

We have seen pods of up to 50 giant tarpon. There is an abundant year round population of small tarpon here. The area of the best giant tarpon fishing is only 30 minutes from our pier and great baby tarpon fishing only minutes away.

Baby Tarpon fishing

Baby Tarpon caught in the Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve with Diego Nuñez and sons

Tarpon Winter Season (November – January)

Tarpon Summer Season (Giant and Baby Tarpon + other species)
The season begins May 15th and continues through October . The Giants arrive in late May and stay through october.

Baby Tarpon are plentiful here all year long. The weather conditions are best at this time of year for fly fishing. There is less wind than in the winter season and we normally have good fishing conditions for 6 hrs of fishing daily
Cost per day Tarpon Summer Season
395 usd -boat with two fishermen

Great Tarpon Fishing : Fly fishing or light tackle.

Rio Lagartos has some of the finest Tarpon Fishing in the world. The extensive shallow water estuary is a major rookery for Tarpon and we always have baby Tarpon here in the protected waters, Annually, in the summer season. the Giant tarpon return (as large as 100 kilos or more).They are fished near the shore along the Bio Reserve.

A 65 kilo Tarpon landed while Tarpon Fishing with Diego Nuñez and sons at Rio Lagartos Adventures
It took this fishermen 3 hours to land the fish. It was necessary to work the fish to the beach to land it for a photo before reviving and releasing it

Giant Tarpon Fishing in Rio Lagartos

Gian Tarpon caught while fly fishing with Diego Nuñez and sons in Rio Lagartos
All of the tarpon in these photos were revived and released

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