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Ria Maya Restaurant

Ria Maya Restaurante &

Rio Lagartos Adventures


Home of Rio Lagartos Adventures with Diego Nuñez & Family

Fresh Seafood ,Nature Tours for Flamingos, Crocodiles, Flyfishing & Birding

Ria Maya Restaurant has an unobtructed view of more than 180 degree
From Our Deck at Ria Maya we have the best unobstructed view of the sunset

Ria Maya Restaurant is the best place to start and end your visit to Rio Lagartos

Start with a tour in our remarkable Ria Lagartos Bio Reserve and end with

Fresh Seafood ,locally caught and skillfully prepared

Ria Maya Restaurant

Ria Maya Restaurant in Rio Lagartos has is palapa roofed with a view on three side from the second story restaurant

Rio Lagartos Adventures and Ria Maya Restaurant is a family owned business operated by Diego and Matilde Nuñez. Their 3 children work full time in the business, All three are birding guides(Andrea is the only woman guide in Rio Lagartos) and Jorge and Diego jr. are flyfishing guides also. All three help with the restaurant,

The restaurant is managed by Matilde and serves locally caught fresh seafood. Lobster ,Octopus, Conch and Fish are all locally caught. The restaurant has a garden that produces some of the vegetables and citrus used. The freshly prepared ceviches are made with local ingredients.

And the view is spectacular from the second story palapa roofed restaurant !

The deck at Ria Maya has an unobstructed view of the magnificent sunsets in Rio Lagartos
Great Views from Ria Maya restaurant
The second story deck at Ria Maya Restaurant
Sunset from the deck at ria Maya Restaurant
Interior of the Restaurant at Ria Maya Restaurant and lodge in rio Lagartos Yucatan
Interior of Ria Maya Restaurant. The restaurant is Palapa roofed and open on three sides.
an Osprey seen on a tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures
Crocodile seen on a nature tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures
Crocodile seen on a nature tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures
Brown Pelicans in Rio Lagartos Yucatan
Brown Pelicans in front of Ria Maya Restaurant

Rio Lagartos Adventures Tours,Flyfishing and Birding

Rio Lagartos is home to aa flock of approximately 40,000 Flamingos
A few of the 40,000 flamingos that breed and nest in Rio Lagartos

Rio Lagartos Adventures Tours

Flamingo Lover’s Tour

Nature Lovers Tour

Crocodile Night Tour

Beach Lovers Tour

Birding by Land or Boat


Diego Nuñez is a highly experienced bird and fly fishing guide and personally manages the tours at Rio Lagartos Adventures, He has personally trained his guides and Diego jr.,Jorge and Andrea extensively. All the tours concentrate on being low impact and disturbing the wildlife as little as possible.

Together they give visitors memorable high quality tours. They are the most experienced and recommended tour operators in Rio Lagartos. Diego started eco tourism in Rio Lagartos 25 years ago when began offering guided tours.

Flamingos in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan on a tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures
Flamingos in mating ritual in the spring
Flamingos and Black Skimmers in Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve
Flamingo with Black Skimmers and shore birds
View from Ria Maya Lodge and restaurant
View from our pier

Ria Maya Lodge and Apartment

Boat Billed heron in Rio Lagartos Yucatan
Boat Billed Heron

Ria Maya has 5 lodge rooms and a 3 bedroom apartment available. Modern and comfortable with private baths they limited Cable TV,Internet and air conditioning.

The apartment was completed in 2019 and has 3 bedrooms with 2 double beds ea. and a full kitchen, It is perfect for groups. It is on the second story with a balcony

views of the water from the rooms at Ria Maya lodge Rio lagartos,Yucatan
Three of the rooms overlook the estuary.
All rooms have two double beds at Ria Maya Lodge in Rio Lagartos Yucatan
All rooms have two double beds and a full bath
Ria Maya Restaurant and lodge has modern comfortable accomodations
All the rooms have modern full baths
Guests fishermen relaxing on the deck infront of Ria Maya Lodge in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan
Relaxing on the patio area.
Crocdile seen on a night tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures in Rio Lagartos Yucatan
Crocs are normally seen on Nature tours
Second story deck overlooking the estuary in Rio Lagartos at Ria Maya Restaurant
Second Story Deck at Ria Maya Restaurant in rio Lagartos Yucatan
A Great Blue Heron in the Ria Lagartos Bio Sphere reserve photographed during a tour with Diego Nuñez
Great Blue Heron in Rio Lagartos Yucatan

​We are the only Rio Lagartos restaurant just feet from the water with no road or obstructions to our more than 180 degree view!! No traffic only passing boats.

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