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Rio Lagartos Adventures

flamingos in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

Rio Lagartos Adventures

Nature Tours by Boat & By Land in Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve , Yucatan

Yucatan is the home to Mexico’s largest flock of Flamingos 40,000+ Over 455 species of birds have been identified.

We prefer tours by reservation, and you can choose your starting time.

Reserving online with the booking button will assure your choice of time

with an English speaking guide.

Flamingo Lover’s Tour

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Flamingo Lovers Tour (3 Hours) English guide

A 3 hour private tour of approximately 50km (30miles) through the estuary of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. We navigate the mangrove channels to explore and enjoy the extensive natural diversity. The captain / guide will help you identify the different species of flora and fauna and share their knowledge on the ecology of the area, many different types of birds will be sighted such as flamingos, herons, eagles, pelicans among others. 395 species of birds have been reported in the bio reserve. There is the possibility of observing some crocodiles, we will stop at a wooden platform to explain about the extraction of salt and you can enjoy a mud bath(Bano Maya(optional) in a fine white clay which has very good exfoliating properties. (treatment used in the past by the Mayans for the Skincare) then we will move to an island beach, where you can swim and wash off the clay. The tour ends at Ria Maya Restaurant where you can have a shower lunch ,soft drinks or a cold beer. The Sunset Flamingo lover’s tour does not include the mud bath and the beach as we are returning after dark

for up to 6 persons with French or English Guide (3400 mxn pesos)

There is a 60 pesos/person park entrance fee

Nature Lover’s Tour

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The Nature Lover’s Tour(4 hours) English Guide

The Nature Lovers tour includes one of our most experienced interpretive nature guides and is designed for those interested in learning more about the wildlife and plants of the Ria Lagartos Bio Reserve. This tour also visits the feeding grounds of the flamingos. The boat trips are the only way to see many of the species that live here, all from the comfort and safety of our well maintained launches. A stop at the mud baths and the beach is optional for those interested in spending more time viewing wildlife. The four hour tour takes you deeper into the mangroves and gives you an opportunity to see many more species of birds, crocodiles and occasionally the mammals that live here. This includes an interpretive guide in French, English or Spanish as requested. There is 60 pesos/person park entrance fee . We provide a cooler with ice and bottled water. All boats have a sunshade, ,binoculars to share and a bird identification book. Life jackets are available for everyone and we meet all Mexican Coast Guard Safety requirements.

Private tour up to 6 persons (4200 mxn pesos)

There is a 60 pesos/person park entrance fee

We do high quality custom tours with experienced guides that have a minimum impact on the environment. Care and respect for respect nature.

We are no longer doing 12 hr Standard fast tours..These fast trips to the feeding grounds  of the flamingos are disturbing flamingos and other wildlife and adding unnecessary pollution to the estuary. The high speed travel across the feeding grounds is damaging the  feeding area by disturbing the bottom. These are causing the flamingos to move  to more isolated feeding areas and putting unnecessary stress on the Flamingos and other bird populations. The three  and  four hour trips have much less effect and the pace is far more enjoyable.

We are the most experienced and professional guides in Rio Lagartos. Diego Nuñez started eco tourism 25 years ago. All of the guides are licensed and trained and have great respect for the wildlife of the area. NATURE-ORIENTED TOURISM.

​We do not visit the pink water on our tours. The bright pink ponds cannot be reached by boat. The bright red color is not natural. It is caused by adding a chemical to purify the salt. Real information here on the pink water.

Read and Write Reviews.

We offer the following options for Nature & Flamingo trips (listed below) that you can book online here.

The choices we offer are below: We are not a high volume tour operator with waiting lines. We do not take reservations for shared tours.

All the tours are private and the prices are per boat not per person

Birding/Photography Tours in the Ria Lagartos Bio-Reserve

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Birding/Photography Tours in the Ria Lagartos Bio Reserve

4 hours English or Spanish Guide

Birding/Photography trips are designed especially for Birders & Photographers.
They are slower, longer and penetrate deeper into the mangroves. The guides are skilled at finding the species of birds you are looking for and getting close enough for a chance at making a good shot.
Not disturbing the wildlife is an
important part of this.
The launches we use are a stable platform for photographing, even with long lenses. The launches make it possible to safely reach places that would be otherwise impossible. The trips are 4 hours long and can be designed to find the species you are looking for. The Bird List of the Bio Reserve can be used to
to make a wish list for photography here. We will do our best to help you find them.
For those interested we also do photography tours by land.
(4200 mxn pesos)No more than 4 photographers maximum for best result.

Egret and spoonbill seen on tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures
Egret and a Roseate Spoonbill
Flamingos in flight in Rio lagartos,yucatan
Flamingos in flight
Crocodile photographed in Rio Lagartos on a crocodile tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures
One of the two species of Crocodiles to be seen in Rio Lagartos on photography tours
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