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Rio Lagartos Adventures


Rio Lagartos is best place for Birdwatching & Photography tours
on the Yucatan Peninsula..

Birding and Photography Tours in the Ria Lagartos Bio Reserve

with Diego Nuñez and Rio Lagartos Adventures

¨If you are looking for a one-stop location to see as many birds as possible while visiting the Yucatan Peninsula, the Ría Lagartos Reserve tops the list with 395 birds -70% of all the birds reported for the region.

The reason is simple: diverse habitats that include the sea, coastal dune, scrub, an extensive estuary, salt flats, fresh water wetlands, as well as both dry and humid forest.

On top of that, you have some of the best local bird guides in the region that know just where to find the birds on your “wish list”.
Barbara MacKinnon

A reddish egret fishing in shallow water in the Rio Lagartos Bio Sphere reserve
Here in Rio Lagartos we are well known for the Flamingos that nest and feed in the Ria Lagartos Bio Reserve(a population estimated at 40,000 in the Yucatan).We are also well known for our Flamingo tours at Rio Lagartos Adventures.

Less well known is the incredible birding we have here throughout the year.

If you are an experienced birder with specific birds to add to your lifetime list, a novice or just getting started, we can design your birding to match your skill and interest level.

If you are a photographer/birder we will help you find the species you are looking for and help get you close enough for a a chance at a good shot.
If you are a beginner we can offer bird identification lessons.
Osprey seen on a tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures in Rio Lagartos .Yucatan
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Egrets with chicks on a nest in Rio Lagartos.

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